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When Luke Goebel started Goebel Welding & Construction in 1983, he wanted to change the way of barn building by bringing better ideas to the table, that would last customers for years to come. Having worked for a couple of different contractors in the mid to late 70s, he saw some good ideas come to use. However, with technology and experience Luke developed many of his own ideas. In 2006, Luke brought in his son, Booky Goebel in to handle day to day operations. To this day, the company is a family business and still handles many contracts with a handshake. 36 years later and we are still evolving with the next generation and new generation of ideas while maintaining what the success of this business was built upon. This is what sets us apart from the rest.

Building Strong Structures
A great metal building is nothing without a good solid, strong structure. Where many other contractors set posts a few feet in the ground, we dig deep! Decades ago, we traded in the hand diggers and small tractors for heavy-duty hydraulic augers on larger machinery. With this, we set our posts anywhere from 6’ to 9’ in the ground, depending on the size of the building.

On 30’ x 40’ building we will dig a 6’ hole with a 15” auger and backfill approximately 1’ of dirt to hold post level before filling the remainder 5’ to the ground level with concrete. On a 50’ x 100’, we will dig a 7’ hole with a 20” auger, and on an 80’ x 200’ building we will dig an 8’ hole with a 24” auger.

On a building that will have a concrete slab, we will install metal anchor embeds in the concrete foundation prior to pouring concrete. These embeds are constructed of ½” or ¾” thick plate with four ¾” or 7/8” rebar (depending on the size of the pipe to be used) that are 18” to 24” long and go into the concrete beam. If a larger building (80’x200’x18’) will have a concrete slab, we will set the posts prior to concrete construction. Check out our foundation photos for a better idea!

From the Ground Up
We furnish all the necessary equipment needed for the erection of the metal building. We will not ask the customer to furnish a tractor to dig holes, extra help to install tin on the roof, etc. We are a turn key metal building company.

Our pipe trusses are constructed from heavy duty used tubing. Our 30’ trusses are constructed from 2 3/8”, 40’, 50’, and 60’ from 2 7/8” and our 80’ are from 3 ½” upset tubing. Anything larger than 80’ will be constructed from I-beam. Our pipe posts range in size from 4 ½” to 7” used casing. A 30’x40’x12’ will have 4 ½”, a 50’x100’x16’ will have 5 ½”, and an 80’x200’ will have 7”.

All of our posts and trusses are sandblasted down to new metal and have two coats of grey industrial enamel. Galvanized purlins are always recommended. Grey industrial enamel paint is also used as a finish coat on all posts and trusses to match purlins. In the field, once all framing is done, all welds will be painted with the same grey industrial enamel paint to give all the framing a new and clean appearance.

When red oxide framing structure is used, all framework is also sand blasted and painted with a red oxide primer to match red oxide purlins. Use of Galvanized purlins vs. red oxide is a customer preference or a recommendation will be made depending on the location of the building to coastal areas.

All our grey industrial enamel finish painting as well as our red oxide painting is done with airless spray guns for the best appearance. All our purlin framing is from 14 gauges (not 16 gauges) and all of our sheet metal is 26 or 24 gauge (not 29 gauge). When framing a wall or roof, we will not space our purlin over 4’8”. Also, we frame all our windows from purlins where most contractors screw them to the metal wall panels with no frame.

Please check out our Structures for a better idea!

Price Comparison
There are many things that set us apart from competitors when comping pricing for a metal building in Texas. When comparing bids, know that it is very unlikely that you will be comparing apples to apples. Please try your best to compare correctly and we can almost guarantee that if you do, we can win the bid. We will not compromise the integrity of our building to build a customer’s “cheap barn”. We have found in many rebuilds we have been called in on over the years due to mother nature that our reputation is not worth selling someone a cheap comp building just to meet their price range and beat out the competitor.

We have had many satisfied customers over the past 36 years and word of mouth has been our greatest form of advertisement. If you need a reference, just ask! We have privy to show you some of our best in the area. Customers are always satisfied, and many will allow us to show you their custom project.

Please call or stop by anytime for a visit about any of your metal building projects.

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